”The world without strangers“ is the slogan for territorial centre of social service  which is located in Pervomajskij district of Vitebsk. It  has been already functioning for 16 years. 
          The main aim of the centre is organization, orientation, realization of the whole social work in a district`s territory. (или можно in the area)
The mission of the territorial centre of social service  is  to provide psychological and social support to the people who get into a scrape and in any difficult life situation. We help them with social adaptation and rehabilitation.
The entire staff of the centre is a team of initiative and competent, strong and partial people. If you have power not only to help other people, but give a piece of warmth and unspent vitality, knowledge and skills; receive an invaluable opportunity for your personal development and human fulfillment, we are happy to invite you for close collaboration.
1) Joint projects
2) Gratuitous help for socially vulnerable segments of the population with- modern computer equipment, special vehicles, rehabilitation aids, etc.
3) Exchange of experience

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210002, The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,
20, the 1st Proletarskaya street.
Phone (375212) 351229 (375212) 345500
The Director of the Center Olga Gurchenko,
Deputy Director of the Centre Anatoli Mikhailov